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Carey is a founding member and driving force behind the band GROOVESPEAK of Leadville Colorado, which has been rocking the mountains since 2003. He also plays solo acoustic gigs including the Tennessee Pass Cookhouse, apres ski, and weddings. Carey and founding partner Brian Woodward write songs and are working on a new album (or two). Carey started his music career touring the southeast playing with groups such as: The Fringe, Psilly Psyche Band, The Spores, Planet Earth, Shot, and Group W. He has opened for The Grapes, the Black Crowes, and Col. Bruce Hampton, Shakedown Street, Jeff Francis, and Barefoot Truth. His first CD, Planet Earth-The Circle includes Grammy award winner Derek Trucks on the title cut. Carey first played in Colorado in 1991 with PPB, then 2 Miles High and the Cloud City Fatties. "Music is a gift from the Universe, the spirits, the power, the mystery. Music is the greatest gift I have been given. Music is Love. The only way for music and love to exist is to pass it on. Then it will live forever and the circle can be complete." - Carey Nall

“ Because you are only as good as what surrounds you, I would like to give thanks and space here to credit all the various musicians who have played with me over the years. Here are the line-ups:

2003-2019 GROOVESPEAK Vilous Fox - drums(14- ) Ryan Ruegg - keys(17- ) Mark Hanson - sax(17- ) Allie Moreau - sax, vocals(17- ) George Finnell - bass(17-18) Luke Moore - drums (07-10) Brain Woodward -bass, guitar, vocals(03-05,07- ) Allen Riling, guitar,vocals(06) Jeff Vezzetti- bass, vocals(03,05) Luke Finken - drums,vocals (04-06) Andy James - guitar(08-09) Evan North - bass(08-09) Bob Songster - bass(14) Andy Bogan- bass(06) Dave 'Bama' Walton - drums (03-04) 2002 NOLAN, WOODWARD AND NALL Allie Nolan - bass, vocals Brain Woodward - guitar, vocals Steve Baird - drums, percussion Dan Barker - piano 1999-2000 GROUP W Danny Wiseman - drums(99) Eddie Ayers - drums, percussion(00) Art Hightower - drums, percussion(00) Thomas 'Leroi' Meadows - saxophone Steve Henry - bass Dan Barker - keyboards 1999 SHOT Romin Dawson - guitar Charlie Lonsdorf - bass, vocals Rick Welch - drums 1998-2000 CLOUD CITY FATTIES Dave 'Bama' Walton - drums Trevor 'Bones' Davis - drums Jim Ruggles - Keyboards Jeff Vezzetti - bass, vocals, farm noises Dave Recker - guitar, vocals Chase Van der Veer - sound 1996-1998 2 MILES HIGH Dave Dunbar - drums(96) Eddie Ayers - drums(97) Dave 'Bama' Walton - drums(97-98) Trevor 'Bones' Davis - drums(98) Jeff Vezzetti - bass, vocals, farm noises Dave Recker - guitar, vocals Kat Bishop - keyboards, vocals Chase Van der Veer - sound 1995-1996 PLANET EARTH Eddie Ayers - drums Jay Winks - bass, vocals Brian Woodward - guitar, vocals 1993-1994 THE SPORES (3 pc) Jack Rogers - drums(93) Neal Goode - drums(94) Jay Winks - bass. vocals 1990-1993 PSILLY PSYCHE BAND Jack Rogers - drums, percussion Eric Barndt - drums(91-92) Tom Sirace - bass(91) Jay Winks - bass(92-93), vocals, & some guitar Brian Woodward - guitar, vocals, & some bass Russell Spurlock - flute, vocals(91) Jay Crawley - bass(92), sound(92-93) 1989-1990 THE FRINGE Eddie Ayers - drums Tom Sirace - bass, vocals Kat Bishop - keyboards, vocals