From the recording miss oblivious (4:12)

this is about all of us


Miss Oblivious
Where you goin' to?
Did you take the time to
think it through
Miss Oblivious
What you thinkin' of?
Don't you know that this is
no time for love?
Why you run into that
great big wall?
You were being somewhere else
Then you took a fall
The world will never be just what you dream
Better open up your eyes, girl
Try not to scream

Lighten Up
Feed your head
Lighten Up
Have some fun instead
Lighten Up
Smoke some grass
Lighten Up
Get your head out of your ass

Miss Oblivious
Did you hear what I said?
We're here all alone and
then we're dead
Miss Oblivious
Why are you so surprised?
Did you think there was some
meaning to our lives?
You take everything so seriously
I've got time for one more question here
Then I've got to leave
The world was not made just for you
Better open up your mind girl
Get a clue