From the recording servin' and protectin' (4:02)

everybody in the band got busted or hassled for pot that year. No one got beat up or shot, but we were hippies after all. I know personally I was very polite and respectful while they were violating my rights by illegal search and seizure.


Out walkin', sunny day
Thought a free world was a reality
Blue man come, to take me away
Said I'm a danger to society
Hey man, hey man - what are we doing here?
I think one thing is clear
Blue man, blue man - you are afraid of me
Because my mind is free
He said "no way, man, I'm just keeping it safe for democracy"
He said "I'm servin' and protectin'
We can't let you run around this way
Servin' and protectin', we don't want to hear the things you say"

Turned around to him and said
"why are you so afraid of me?
Blue man, who filled your head
with all of this insanity?
Look man, look man - I am a peaceful man
let me take your hand
Blue man, blue man - I will lead you into the promised land"
He said, "no way man
all this talk of love is more than I can stand"
He was servin' and protectin'
Is that what it said on his sleeve?
servin' and protectin'
Is that really what you believe?

You are the one and we are one
And tell me why am I a criminal
The only thing I keep hopin' for
Is that you would get up and change some laws
Well look man, look man
I see your judgements fly both far and near
We're tellin' 'em what to do, man
You are a foolish man, but you're a fool that I fear
Well hey man, hey man
If you would free your mind
You'll see the solution is clear
You're servin' and protectin'
From ideas that make men free
You're servin' and protectin'
Now he's the danger to society