1. I'll Be There

From the recording I'll Be There


I Have A Love I can’t express
Just the feeling, gives me happiness
No expectation, no hope, no prayer
But if you need me, I’ll be there

I feel like I should go, but don’t think I don’t care
I just want you to know, I’ll Be there

I don’t need an answer, I don’t want your praise
I just want you, in all my days
You don’t have to please me, but if you want me there
I’ll come running, anywhere

It’s all been said, and I’m undone
Sometimes my head just wants to run
But in my heart I know if you need someone to care
I’ll be there

You might not know it, or think of me
But I can feel the harmony
So I go my way, but know I care
and if you call me, I’ll be there