From the recording Can't Turn Back


Now I'm searching for freedom
But I'm always on the run
Never taking what isn't mine
never hurting anyone
You know the sound of the river
is the sound of the universe
Can't stop the flow, you know
you can't go in reverse

Can't turn back
you got to see it thru
Can't go back
just do what you can do

Now I'm searching for truth
and its just beyond my grasp
But I know that's where I'm bound
and I'll get there if I last
But the way isn't easy
and the price it is high
But on the path of knowledge
the choice is made to try

Can't turn back
you got to carry on
can't go back
and see what you have done

I'll help you up
but I can't bring you back down
I'll fill your cup
baby try not to drown

Now I'm searching for knowledge
got my whole life in my hands
I need to see, I need to dream
I need to walk upon the land
And I'm searching for wisdom
to live right on this earth
Find harmony in body and mind
and love for all its worth

But you can't go back
you got to win or lose
Can't turn back
just once you get to choose
No going back
you got to see it thru
Can't turn back
Just do what you can do