1. Lonesome

From the recording Lonesome


You say you're feeling kinda lonesome
and you don't know where to turn
Every day you try to move on
Any day now you will learn
How to live on the outside
Take what the world has got to give
Get in touch with the inside
Find a better way to live

Just take my hand - don't be afraid
I am walking down a road that never ends
A road called love - that we have made
By the choice to be the best of friends

So you tried to be that someone
to the wrong one now it seems
To the end you would have gone on
even though you lost your dreams
Dreams that now come back to haunt you
Times that seem to be no more
But if you need me I will want to
be in your dreams or at your door

Every road taken - every world shaken
brings a new state of mind
Every word spoken - every heart broken
Takes a little bit of time