From the recording mama told me (6:21)

recorded at Cornerstone Cabinets, Auburn AL 7/20/99
Carey Nall - guitar, vocals;
Leroi Meadows - saxophone;
Steve Henry - bass;
Dan Barker - keyboards;
Dan Wiseman - drums


When I first came to this world
You know life was very slow
Just a moment
There were colors everywhere
And a feeling in the air
Nothing to foment
I was lying in the sun
I was having lots of fun
Then mama told me

Everyday was more sunshine
I could find worlds inside my mind
I had no worries
I was tripping everyday
You know there was no price to pay
Never a hurry
I was flying in the sun
I was trying to be one
Then mama told me

She said kid here's the biz
What is was and what was is
You can't change it
You must learn from within
Though without you will begin
Don't be strange and...
Don't have too much fun
Or you'll burn in the sun
Mama told me

She said kid here's the deal
You must be shown (that) what is real
Is what they tell you
Don't think for yourself
Put those books back on the shelf
Buy what they sell you
Goodbye having fun
Better get yourself a gun
Mama told me